The G8 at NAIAS

Here are the pictures I took of the G8 at the 2001 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Unfortunately, the would not open the hood and they had removed almost all of the interior modifications on the car. However, they did change the hood to one that I feel is much better looking. I managed to crawl under the display and shoot a few good pictures of the underside of the car as well.
   New Hood on the G8

   New Hood Picture 2

   Hood from the Front

   G8 Badge

   Rear Wheel & Brakes

   Rear End & Spoiler

   Close-up of Exhaust Tip

   Steering Wheel (supposedly the same as the '03 GP)

Drivetrain & Suspension

  Coming out of tranny, into Driveshaft

   Driveshaft angling up to rear Axle

   Rear Axle

   Rear Suspension (from the front)

   Rear Suspension (from the rear)

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