1992 Chrysler LeBaron

Disclaimer: This is my FIRST car, and yes I know it is a modified LeBaron but in the 90s it was cool and it was all I had to work with. This car officially gave me the mod-bug that haunts me to this day
  • Champagne Paint with matching Top & Interior
  • 3.0 200HP V6
  • 14" Eagle Chrome Five-Star Wheels
    • Yes, 14" wheels
  • 195/70/14 Raised-Letter Firestone Firehawk SS10 Tires
    • Yes, 195/70 ...raised white letters!
  • K & N Open Air Intake
  • Sebring 2.5" Cat-Back Exhaust System
  • Rally Crystal Blue Halogen Driving Lights
  • Tinted Windows

My original thoughts about the car:

"I have a truly unique LeBaron. The original way the car was, was limited as it was. The models before my car had a plastic name plate on the back (which said Chrysler & LeBaron). Mine is like it was painted on, flat against the car. The models after my car have the new (ugly) taillights that have the red on the top and yellow on the bottom. And immeadiately after that they did away with the flip-up lights (What a mistake!) So, even before I customized my car, it was one of a kind!"

--Adam Garrett, 8-22-98